Construction Security

Do you have to deal with theft and burglary issues on your construction site? If you haven't secured your premises yet, then you need to hire professional construction security services. The construction sites in Canada contain high-value items that make them easy targets for criminals.

Alpha Security Services is an independent and leading private security company that has been serving in this industry for years. We offer the highest quality bespoke, proactive and preventive security solutions at highly competitive rates.

What Our Construction Security Service Entails?

1. We offer mobile patrolling service around the location at irregular intervals, so the criminals are unable to keep track of time.

2. Deploying special security guards at the entrances of all construction sites

3. Assisting site owners when they arrive for checking

4. Taking appropriate actions to prevent any unwanted surveillance on the property from the outside and patrolling the surrounding area to identify any suspicious activities

5. When needed, additional construction security service in Canada is available.

6. We provide construction site security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We use both manual and technology-based security in Canada to ensure that the construction activities continue and there are no interruptions. Our expert security guards are dedicated to their job. We provide skilled and competent security services. As a result, providing security services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year does not appear to be exhausting for them because customer satisfaction is always their main priority.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

We have worked on a wide range of projects, both large and small. For construction site security, we use a flexible security plan that can be altered or updated as the situation requires. If you choose to work with Alpha Security Services, you can rest assured that you have entrusted the security of your facilities to the right people.

Fully Insured, Certified, And Bonded Security Guards

Our extensive experience in the security field has provided us with the necessary knowledge. We handle every situation with absolute confidence, providing you with extra peace of mind. Alpha Security Services possess a team of certified, licenced, insured, and bonded security guards. So, leave the security to us and concentrate on completing the construction.

Why Choose Alpha Security Services?

Given the unpleasant environment we live in, we at Alpha Security Services understand the necessity for hiring security. We are specialists and can deliver high-quality manual security systems right at your door. We do it all, whether it's providing protection to a construction site to protect valuables and the newly constructed structure or providing security to the house where you live.

Moreover, we have a reputation for having a great team of competent, professional, and knowledgable professionals. They are willing to lend a helping hand to make sure that you, your assets, and your staff are safe from any harm. We use modern technology such as GPS systems to allow for discrete tracking and communication. It ensures that messages are sent in an efficient way to the rest of the team during crises and for general purposes.

With our outstanding concierge service, we cover everything from the retail industry to educational institutions. We're also reputable for assisting with mobile patrolling and response teams that would remain vigilant in the event of illegal trespassing on your property. With each of our guards being certified, insured, and bonded, you can expect nothing but the best from them. They put out their best effort to protect you.

Other than professional job duty training, we also prepare ALPHA Security construction guards with basic first aid rules considering the risky nature of construction sites. Rapid response solutions of our construction site security personnel are sure to add to the speed and spirit of your project.

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