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Nowadays, we have seen an upsurge in demand for private security guard companies. The need to have a safe and secure environment is all organizations and companies are concerned about. Our security guards possess expertise in protecting properties, offices, staff, homes and much more.

This rapid increase in theft, vandalism, terrorist attacks and robbery has led to the great demand in the use of both unarmed and armed security services in Canada. All of our security guards have undergone rigorous training to become proficient in protecting the property from any harm.

Moreover, when you have skilled and trained security guards, you don't have to worry about security issues. Various methods are used, like CCTVs and other video monitoring systems, for protection purposes, but there is no match for the level of security that security guards provide.

Our Comprehensive Security Guard Services Has Something For Everyone

Alpha Security Services has been assisting individuals in determining the appropriate security measures to protect several properties such as homes, private properties, events and gatherings, businesses, and even construction sites. You can choose from a variety of security guard services that best suit your needs. And our diverse background and experienced security personnel will be there at your assistance. Our security guard services include the following:

Security Guard Service

Our guards can be on-site at your premises to perform a variety of services. This includes performing check-in/out procedures, enforcing any by-laws, following emergency management protocol, and handling any situations that may arise. They are the perfect solution for residential, industrial, commercial developments, property-managed or gated communities, special events, and business and manufacturing facilities.

Alarm Response

We understand that no one wants to get out of bed early in the morning to check on an alarm. So Alpha Security Services will provide a prompt response at any time of day, night, or year!

Property Monitoring

When you are away, our property inspection services give you peace of mind that your house or company is being cared for the way you want it to be by certified, bonded, and insured professionals.

Why Hire Alpha Security Services?

Our security guard firm serves many industries and businesses, tailoring our services to meet any security need. So when and where you need them, you'll get a qualified, experienced professional security guard.

Alpha Security Services is an independent private security company in Canada that you can rely on to deliver dependable protection in high-risk situations. We're fully capable of dealing with the most severe hazards our clients confront in today's dangerous environment. But, unlike our competitors, we are not robots or militants; instead, we focus on providing services with empathy, dignity, and professionalism. Alpha Security Services offers a diverse range of high-quality security services in Canada to meet the needs of a diverse set of customers.

From fully licenced armed or unarmed security guards to vehicle patrol, residential and personal protection, risk management and advice, and much more, you can trust us. We're always ready to offer these services promptly. It takes us almost no time to become prepared to meet your most pressing security requirements.

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