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In today's world, there is a high rise in crime levels. Several businesses, especially those that possess high-value office equipment, are the most vulnerable and easy targets for criminals. This is because they have not invested in proper site video surveillance. There are many situations when just installing security cameras inside and outside may deter and assist in discouraging crimes. However, assigning a designated person to monitor the surveillance cameras reinforces the effectiveness in preventing crimes.

There is hardly any security technology that can compete with the physical presence of security guards. Security guards are a perfect solution to deter any crime. It is a fact that criminals do not want to get caught committing crimes. They realize that security guards are an effective way to secure your property premises. Also, in several situations, criminals won't bother to attempt to damage a property that has security guards. Also, our security guards are highly responsive and versatile in protecting your home or business.

Moreover, our security guards can operate in a wide range of situations. You can hire them for event security to mobile patrols, and everything that comes in between. Also, we can arrange to deploy professional security guards at your home, your place, business or stationed at a special event. We offer both uniformed and non-uniformed security guards.

We Realize The Importance of Security Cameras in Deterring Criminals

Criminals comprehend the way security cameras work to keep a property safe. They realize that the probability of getting caught is high and have to pay for their crimes when security cameras are installed. This is how your video surveillance and security cameras keep your property premises safe and secure. We also possess a team of professional and specialist loss prevention guards who can closely work with you to identify which security cameras are best and where they should be placed for your special protection.

We feel confident and proud in saying that you will be satisfied with our security services. So, with us by your side, you don't have to worry about suffering from severe harm that can cause you to lose a lot of money. We treat your property with care as if it is our own and won't feel please if you suffer losses. At Alpha Security Services, you also get the quality customer service that you deserve. Also, if you don't believe in our words, you can read the testimonials of our satisfied customers that can attest to our claims.

Moreover, our live-video monitoring services can be hired at:

1. Constructions Sites

2. Truck Yards

3. Car Dealerships

4. Parking Lots

5. Office Buildings

6. Schools

7. Hospitals

8. Shopping Malls

9. Retail Plazas

10. Apartment Complexes

11. Condominium Garages

12. Event Venues

13. Special Event Security

Key Benefits of Hiring Video Surveillance Monitoring Guards

1. We offer affordable prices. So when you hire our services, you get to save a lot of money.

2. Offer free quotation that is without any hidden surprises.

3. Offer our services 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

4. Ability to monitor several areas at once.

5. Offer prompt response times and mobile patrol team services.

6. Documents all the incidents that can be used later on as evidence for insurance claims and in court.

Fully Insured, Certified, And Bonded Security Guards

Our extensive experience in the security field has provided us with the necessary knowledge. We handle every situation with absolute confidence, providing you with extra peace of mind. Alpha Security Services possess a team of certified, licenced, insured, and bonded security guards. So, leave the security to us and concentrate on completing the construction.

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Furthermore, appointing professionally trained security guards and the latest technology is the best choice for most businesses to reach optimum safety goals. ALPHA Security Services security guards are well-familiar and prepared with the usage of CCTV cameras.

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